Paper Shaped Joy

Paper Shaped Joy

Bringing beauty to this crazy, messy life with perfect paper goods that will make you swoon. 

Bringing beauty to this crazy, messy life with perfect paper goods that will make you swoon. 

that being a mom is awesome and incredible… and yet still messy, and chaotic, and sometimes even feels a bit like stepping on a lego. It is easy in the mess of mom-ing to get caught up in chauffeuring, milk producing, or entertaining and lose sight of who we are and how wonderful life really is. Don’t we all just wish we could stop and make every moment, from a first birthday to the mundane grocery trip, beautiful and worth celebrating?

I don’t think any of us moms would disagree...

(at least about this)

For the last ten years I have worked behind the screen making beautiful things in a messy world. With a degree in Graphic Design and many years of experience in diaper changing, I have helped over 2,000 moms like you say yes to rocking mom life with some sweet paper goods magic. 

I’m Chelsea, and I am a mom.

Hey, friend!

All the flowers

A field of poppies, fresh picked peonies, tulips from the farmers market, heck I would take the dandelions my daughter picks me, I am all about the flowers. I like to think of them as God’s personal love notes to me sprinkled across the earth. 

Whether a globe trotting adventure or a weekend trip to a neighboring town, nothing gets my heart beating faster than the prospect of a hidden gem wherever we are. A quaint downtown shopping area, a hidden waterfall, or maybe a delicious croissant bakery, with the family in tow we are always looking for the next grand adventure. 

Great Adventures

We met on a whirl-wind missions trip around the globe, where he swept me off my feet with his dad jokes and sweet dance moves. Six months later we got hitched and I haven't stopped laughing since. He is my always and forever and quite possibly super dad. 

partner in crime

Nobody would deny that having kids slows you down (there is no such thing as a quick errand with two kids in carseats), but they add so much joy to even the most mundane task. I never thought I would cheer for a successful potty trip or get sentimental driving around town hearing their sweet giggles coming from the back, but being the mama of these two kiddos is one of my greatest joys.

our littles


I am all about celebrating life from the little moments (my kid using a fork for the first time) to the big moments like a first birthday or baby shower! I believe life is a gift that gets to be opened everyday with the people around you that you love! So here's to living life to the fullest! CLINK!

next little tidbit

things that make my
heart smile

things that make my

besides drink all the coffee...

our philosophy

we believe that momhood was made to be beautiful and that celebrating is a part of who we are and therefore should be celebrated, so our promise is to continually make beautiful paper goods so you can celebrate all of life's moments.

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